Well, it does. That is what we called "A kiss from the fire". I guess it burns the ones that deserve a wake up call or needed a lesson. In the video below you see me walking during a team building event and getting burned, jumping out of the walking area. What a shame! Very experienced firewalker running like a kid.

Don't get me wrong. It does not kill you. It just hurts a bit for couple hours. The day after is good to go. However, it leaves some marks, which is good, so you don't forget the lesson.

I walked more than 100 times already. I got burned 7 times. In these moments I can recall some lack of focus and wrong intentions. This time in the video, I was mad at the participants. Many participants didn't walk because of the bad and wet weather at the moment. So I made a very long and strong carpet of red burning ashes and I wanted to show "How it is done". Well, lesson learned.

The experience is very mysterious! My wife Joana Rocha at the same team buidling event, just couple minutes after

I got burned, walked with a lot confidence and didn't get burned at all. See the video below. My others friends and staff also walked and none got burned. I can't explain, but I am sure getting burned depends on your energy at the moment. I guess if you are negative, meaning vibrating in negative thoughts, just like me walking over "arrogance" to show off my special powers.

So I guess either way, getting burned or not, the experience is very positive and it teaches us that we can do much more than our paranoid and weak minds think. As I use to say the mind is weak but the spirit and the body are very strong.

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