Would you walk? Get out of your confort zone! The mind is the enemy.

Glasswalking is used for teambuilding and personal development
Glasswalking is awesome

Walking over glass demonstrates to us that the reality created by our minds, full of constraints and limitations, is not necessarily the real thing. There are a lot of things that we think to be impossible to do or to achieve that is not correct or true.

For example, some close friends and family think skydiving is insane and that I am very radical. However, when I come to a skydiving area I am not that radical close to people I meet there. There is people doing unimaginable things such “proximity flying”, “base jumping”, “swoop lending”. First thing I hear people say about skydinving is “I don’t want to die, it is very dangerous”. And in fact it is not dangerous if you respect safety procedures.

It is the same for other activities besides action sports. Take for example, video gaming. People have the assumption out there that video gaming is for lazy children or immature adults. Then there are stadiums packed to watch players competing in the game “Fortnite”. The world of video gaming is one of the biggest industries today.

The point I am trying to make is that we don’t know a lot of things and how they work and what is really out there. We think we do and then we judge and reject the idea based on assumptions and thoughts from our crazy and paranoid mind. So please let’s open our minds and experience different things and enrich our worlds. It could be anything as long as it is out of confort zone. How do you know it is out of confort zone? You don’t like it and avoided. For me is doing yoga, meditating, listening to other people without any comment, planning my day, eating healthy.

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